• January 29, 2020

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Saltwater Fishing tips

In the following, you should find some helpful tips for the pro and novice fishermen alike.

  1. You want to use lures that are bright and shiny. Before putting them away in the tackle box rinse them off and dry them.
  2. You will get more strikes if you don’t use a wire leader. Use  50 lb monofilament instead. If using a wire leader do n’t use a swivel.  Make a loop in line with a  Haywire Twist, and tie the doubled mono to the line loop with an Albright knot.
  3. For the best lure action use a loop knot when attaching the lure to the line.
  4. When hard fishing water uses topwater lures. The fish see them better.
  5. Use circle hooks when possible. Their hookup rate is as good or better than the conventional J-hook. They also won’t tear up a fish’s throat.
  6. To keep bait fresh and alive, wrap the bait in a newspaper instead of just setting it on ice in a cooler. The bait will last longer.
  7. Cool water is critical in keeping live bait alive. Incoming water is the best way to circulate oxygen to the bait but if an aerator is used change the water every few hours to remove the waste and replace the oxygen in the water.
  8. The best way to connect a large diameter line to a smaller line is to use a connector knot as it passes through the rods guide better.
  9. Most anglers try to set the hook too soon. Wait a few seconds before setting the hook. A good indication of when to set the hook is when the fish puts pressure on the line.
  10. When releasing a fish use wet hands to handle the fish. It helps the fish.
  11. A tired fish needs more help when releasing it. Move the fish’s body a little until his respiratory system is restored.
  12. Occasionally soak your reel in fresh water for several hours to remove saltwater from the reel and line.
  13. Check and cut back your line if it feels gnawed or rough. This prevents the line from breaking when landing a fish.
  14. Try to use fresh bait instead of frozen bait. In the case of shrimp go to the local market and buy shrimp that is fresh. You will get more strikes.
  15. To use scented baits rig them like you would natural baits but reel them in slowly, as slow as you can.
  16. When presenting lures and fresh bait try to imitate the fish’s natural prey.

These tips should get you going to a more enjoying fishing trip — happy fishing.

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