• January 29, 2020

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Want A Longer Life Of Your Microwave Oven? Try These Safety Tips

microwave safety tips

For a housewife, cooking without a microwave oven seems immensely impossible these days. She can’t even think of cooking a variety of delicious items, for her loving family members, without this electrical kitchen appliance. So what will happen if it breaks down midway? That would be the worst thing to happen in the domain of her kitchen.

So to keep your microwave oven running without any disturbance, what you need to do is nothing but to apply the following simple but valuable tips and tricks. Doing so will maximize the efficiency and workability of your microwave oven comprehensively too, this is what I believe.

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  • Safe Cookware: Remember, not all the cookware can be used in your microwave oven. The reason is that only a few dishes can afford to cope up the massive heat inside, rest succumb to it and harm the interior of this consumer appliance. Thus buy only those cookware which comes with ‘microwave-safe’ certification. Also, it is better to use cookware which is oval or round. They help the food to cook easily saving a lot of energy.
  • Safe Wrapping: Using a metallic foil to cover your food, while you place it inside the microwave oven, to cook is never a wise thing to do. They burn up quickly by the heat inside and break up easily into pieces only to cause the dangerous fire. Shun this habit and use plastic wrappers as they are immensely safe for your this valuable electrical kitchen appliance.
  • Clean The Grease: Cooking oily and fatty food too much make the interior of your microwave oven too greasy and slippery. This condition spoils the efficiency of this consumer appliance slowly and mars the taste of food also. So keep it clean before you see a thick and unhygienic layer of oily substance over there. Dip a clean piece of cloth in warm water containing a safe cleaning solution or lemon juice and clean up the interiors. Also clean the exteriors too with the same solution, especially all the touch pads and operating buttons made on it.
  • Abide By-Laws: Every microwave oven comes with its peculiar features as come all the human being. So try to read out the user’s manual carefully when you happen to bring in a new one. Read all the rules of its usage and maintenance before you actually start using electrical kitchen appliance, actually.
  • No Self Repairing: As it is a consumer appliance based on utterly complex mechanism, some faults are bound to happen despite all your efforts to minimize them. If a problem occurs, instead of trying to go for self-repairing, call an expert mechanic to fix the problems.
  • Ban Pre-heating: Some women have a very bad tendency to pre-heat the microwave oven before they place the stuff inside. It does many harms than doing any good to this consumer appliance. When the heat waves don’t find anything to cook inside, they bounce back and harm the internal mechanism.
  • Safe Connection: If your microwave oven belongs to the older models, chances are there that it might not be having a built-in power surge connection. Get this electrical kitchen appliance equipped with a safe surge protection device much before the damage is done. The newer models don’t need such protection.
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