• January 29, 2020

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How to Sharpen a Paper Cutter – 3 Step Make Everything Easy

How to Sharpen a Paper Cutter

How to sharpen a paper cutter? This one of the common question whose regularly uses it in their daily life. In my line of work, I often find myself utilizing a paper cutter. I rely on the paper cutter to deliver sharp and clean cuts to produce an acceptable quality of work on my projects. In order to keep the blade from becoming dull after many uses, I must at times sharpen the paper trimmer. In the article below, I will explain the paper cutter sharpening process that I use.

Paper cutters have a large single guillotine-style blade that precisely and cleanly cut through the paper when appropriately sharp. If the blade on my paper cutter starts becoming dull, I notice that it hesitates as it cuts through the paper and I often struggle to make a full cut, especially on thicker paper.

How to Sharpen a Paper Cutter

How to Sharpen a Paper Cutter- Follow this 3 Easy Step

Step 1:

In order to re-sharpen the blade, I must first remove the blade from the structure of the paper cutter. Often, this requires using an Allen wrench to remove the bolts along the mount of the cutter. Saving the middle bolt as the last one to be removed is advised, as this will hold your blade evenly in place until it is removed.

Step 2:

Once I remove the blade and carefully place it on the table, I must then decide what method of sharpening I will use.

  1. If I decide to use a sharpening stone, then I will use a well-oiled stone of at least 1,000-grit or more to ensure a fine grit. I find the beveled edge of the blade and hold the blade at a 20-degree angle to the sharpening stone. I then run the blade with the cutting edge facing me across the stone towards myself at the correct angle. I repeat this process until the blade is sharp.
  2. If I decide to use a grinder to sharpen the paper cutter blade, then I will hold the blade at the correct angle to the grinder and only sharpen in quick, short intervals to ensure that I do not over sharpen the blade. The grinder wheel moves very quickly and can remove too much steel if care is not taken in this process. I always make sure to wear eye protection for this sharpening method.
  3. If neither of these options for me, then I can always ship the blade off to have it professionally sharpened. Often, paper cutters come with an additional blade that can be attached to the cutter while the dull blade is being sharpened. It can, of course, take more time to wait for the blade to be sharpened professionally, so it is encouraged to learn how to sharpen a paper cutter at home.

Step 3:

Once the blade is sharpened, I then must reattach the blade to the paper cutter mount by bolting the blade back into the structure of the cutter. Once the blade is reattached, then I am ready to continue cutting paper!

By following these steps, I can sharpen a paper cutter blade and have it quickly back to use. I am always pleased with the immediate difference a sharp blade makes in the efficiency and quality of my work.

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