• January 29, 2020

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Find Big Fish in Rivers

Every fisher wants to catch more fish. Finding the best fishing rod is of great importance, but we must first locate where they normally feed. It is important, but many people ignore it, most of them plop their Fishhook into the rivers or lakes. They even do not think about where actually the fish are. As in many other situations in nature, fish have a habit. It is interesting. Every movement they made has a unique sense from an angler’s point of view.

1. Your eyes are essential, use it!

When you are fishing in a small lake or pond, moderate weather is the best time for you to catch the fish. The first reason is that of the calm water. It made the fish more likely to feed. When the weather is not too cold or too hot, fish like to “take a walk” just like us.

It is a great time to study the movements in the water when you are fishing. If you can find the ripples in the lake, this indication tells you there are fish moving. What’s more! Bubbles are also the signs which tell you some fish are near the surface.

2. Look at structures

Fish always like to find the protection underwater. There are some common structures for supporting plant growth: Bluffs, Docks, Logs, weeds, river ends, Rocks. These things all provide excellent shelter for fish. Under normal circumstances, smaller bait fish will be easily attracted by these structures. And in the end, they may attract the larger fish which you want to catch.

The river end is a lesser-known location for many people to fish. The river end is the river enters the lake, and it is a perfect place to fish. You know it? Because the lake is continuously fed nutrients by the rivers, attracting small baitfish. These small baitfish will attract bigger fish. Trust me!

At last, you can more fish at a bluff which is a place for fish to hide. So what are the Bluffs? Bluffs are always located in rock walls. The nooks on the rock walls are created because of the movement of water. Spotting a rock wall with many nooks is wise. Try it, and you will receive a big surprise!

3. Fishing at Sunken Objects

Sunken Objects also provide a good place for fish to hide. Believe it: shelter = many fish.

4. Oxygen

As we all know fish like to stay at a place which is rich full of oxygen. Moving water will provide more oxygen, so where has running water, there are most likely fish. It is the right principle. Just like waterfalls or streams, there is much fish you can see. If you can find these areas, you will catch big fish.


Shelter and Oxygen are the most important things for catching more fish. Then use our guide to the fishing rod to choose the best one for you!

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