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20 Must Have Bass Fishing Tackle Items That Are Often Forgotten
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re just “weekend bass warrior” or a new sportsman that’s getting ready for the upcoming tournament, it is always a smart move to come prepared. But sometimes even if we thought we got all the fishing tackle items we need, there’s always that moment when we start scratching our heads because we forgot to bring something important. Here’s a list of things that are often forgotten.

A List Of Items That Are Frequently Forgotten To Bring In A Bass Fishing Trip

Unpreparedness will often lead you to a difficult time in bass fishing. It will suck out the fun that you and your family should be experiencing. But don’t blame it in nature’s unpredictable character. A checklist of fishing tackle items that you need to bring on your trip will always come handy. Here’s a list of items that are often overlooked when packing for a fishing voyage.

1.  Polarized Sunglasses And Sunblock

Polarized Sunglasses And Sunblock

We all know that fishing is an excellent activity to enjoy the outdoors. Protect your eyes and skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Long exposure from UV rays can or may damage your eye’s surface and also a contributing factor to cataracts and macular degeneration. Use a good pair of polarized sunglasses and a sunblock with a spectrum of UV protection against the harsh heat of the sun.

2. Landing Net Or Lip Grippers

Landing Net Or Lip Grippers

Landing nets is definitely a must-have for anyone out on the water. It is beneficial for the fish’s health especially when it’s intended for release. On the other hand, lip gripper or fish grip was developed by expert anglers for successfully landing the fish with less injury both to the fish and the angler.

3. Needle Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

Fishing pliers probably are the most prevalent fishing tool. It is easier to use than your fingers when unhooking your catch. They can also securely tighten the knots and flatten hook barbs. They can also play an important role when you accidentally impaled yourself with a big hook.

4. First Aid Kit

This one should always be included in your fishing tackle items. You need to bring a well-stocked first aid kit that will help you respond immediately and effectively to common injuries and emergencies. Don’t forget to bring one on your next trip so you can enjoy more of nature’s picturesque settings.

5. Flash Light

One of the important things to bring especially when fishing at night is a waterproof flashlight. It is useful when navigating the area or simply looking for something in the dark.

6. Clippers

It is used to cut the fishing line. Experts say that although a pocket knife can get the job done, it is more efficient if you’ll use a clipper.

7. Camera

Capture the moment and adventure using your favorite cameras. But other than that, cameras can also be used to monitor fish activities, so you can study their condition and gain knowledge that can be advantageous for your next fishing trip.

8. Extra Fishing Line

The fishing line always plays a vital role in lures and bait presentation. It is important because it serves as a direct connection between the angler and the fish. Don’t forget to carry an extra line on your next trip.

9. Pre-Made Leaders

Leaders are the separate length of lines where lures and baits are tied. It provides extra protection against the sharp edges of teeth, rocks, coral reef or shell-covered pylons.

10. Multi-Tool

A good multi-tool is commonly equipped with needle nose pliers, fine and serrated edge knife, saw, scissors, crosspoint screwdriver, small and medium flat blade screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener, and lanyard hole. All these things will come beneficial in a certain situation. Keep in mind to bring one of this multi-tool. This fishing tackle item should always be included in your checklist.

11. Fish Handling Gloves

There are times that you’ll get spiked and sometimes cut when handling a fish. It can be dangerous but using fish handling gloves will prevent it from happening. It is often used for protection when unhooking, filleting and removing fish from live wells.

12. Small Towel Or Rag

If you’re lip landing a large fish like a stripper or a big bass you can use a small towel or a rag. You must remember that these fish have tremendous strength to twist out of your grip. A lot of fish such as a huge largemouth has small but abrasive teeth that can make you sore.

13. Lure Retriever

Retrieve those lures even live bait rigs and save your hard-earned money. This product is surely worth having. Carry one with you, and you will not lose a single lure anymore.

14. Hook Remover

You can safely remove those stubborn hooks with this tool. Especially those fish which happens to inhale the hook and seems unreachable with the use of a plier.

15. Fish Weighing Scale

Bring an accurate digital fishing scale on your trip. Find out the weight and measurement of your catch. Who knows it might be one for the record books.

16. Ruler Or A Measuring Device

This helps anglers to comply and adhere to catch limits, particularly minimum legal lengths that are set by the local fishing authorities. Follow the rules for a more hassle-free fishing adventure.

17. Bait Bucket For Live Bait

One of the important factors of successful fishing is keeping the bait as life as possible. If you’re using live bait. Bait bucket is a basic angling tool used in keeping and transporting live bait to your fishing area.

18. Cast Net

This is used if you’re going to catch your own bait. It is also called a throw net. This is effective for small baits or forages fish.

19. Rod Holders

You need to secure your rod on your boat with these rod holders. Bring a rod holder with versatile mounting features. A strong holder that will not let you lose your catch.

20. Stringer

This tool will keep the fish alive until the angler is done fishing. You can either release your catch or take it home and make a fine dish with your fresh fish. This fishing tackle item should always be included in the bag.

Watch This Video For More Fishing Gears

Preparedness is one of the keys to success. You don’t want to spoil a much-awaited fishing trip by forgetting a tool that could have made the whole adventure a memory worth remembering. So, on your next trip, you might want to consider packing these fishing tackle items listed above.

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