• January 29, 2020

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Racing Go Karts: Differences Between Adult and Kid Go Karting

Differences Between Adult and Kid Go Karting

Racing go karts is a popular pastime for both adults and children. This high-speed American sport has become widely popular motorsport the world over, with tracks cropping up in various parts of Europe, Asia and Australia.

Whether it’s for competition or purely for leisure, both adults and children find great pleasure and fulfillment in this sport.

There are hardly any differences between the go kart racing for kids and for adults. Still, it’s good to know which aspects of the sport can be compared and contrasted, especially if you’re reading this article as a father or mother who might want to let your kid try racing go karts one day.

Differences Between Adult and Kid Go KartingRacing Go Karts as Adults

If you’re an adult go karter, you’ll find that the features of go kart racing are similar to other types of open motorsports. The main differences would be in the size and style of the racing vehicle.

Basically, a go kart is an open vehicle with four wheels that is a scaled-down, toned-down version of a classic race car.

While the external features of a racing go kart differs from a normal car, what remains the same are the basics: racing techniques, how to drive a racing vehicle, and the instincts needed in order to race.

In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that most of today’s top F1 or motorsport races began their careers by racing go karts.

Basically, all the components of a racing go kart are similar to that of a race car: the open frame, the engine, the alloy wheels, the steering capabilities.

What are the main differences? For one, the tires and wheels of racing go karts are smaller than those of conventional race cars. Also, the distances of the races are shorter than those on conventional races.

There are no real differences between adult go karting and go kart racing for kids. Perhaps the only real difference would be in the size of the actual racing vehicles! Even kids have go kart racing leagues, like adult drivers.

As regulated motorsport, anyone who is 8 years of age or more is qualified to drive a racing go kart. Karting gives children the opportunity to increase their talent for driving in a controlled, regulated environment.

It’s a great way to develop early driving skills, coordination, and eventually, racing potential.

The popular Kid Karts go karting courses are training programs in go kart racing. Children 8 years old—and at times, even younger—are qualified to join these programs. They run nonstop until a child is 16 years old.

By then, youngsters can achieve senior driver status. These types of courses are great opportunities for young, aspiring drivers to experience go kart racing in a safe and disciplined environment.

Racing go karts – competition and accreditation

Differences Between Adult and Kid Go KartingBoth young and old go kart racing enthusiasts can find support the world over for the sport. Associations such as the International Kart Federation (IKF), the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the World Karting Association among others, organize competitions for kart racers as well as other events related to promoting the sport.

No matter where you are in the world, there are competitive races for both adult amateur drivers and young beginners. Modern go kart tracks play host year in and year out to a new generation of professional, highly-improved racing go karts that would put their predecessors to shame!

With newer, high-tech karts, road-race style kart tracks, and the allure of competition provided by international associations, it’s no wonder go karting has become popular both as an adult profession and a youngster’s hobby.

This is a good thing, because whether you are young or old, an aspiring professional go kart racer or just a dabbling beginner and enthusiast, racing go karts are always within your reach.

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