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Bread Slicer For Home Use- You Must Read Before Buy

Bread Slicer for home use

Five Best Bread Slicer For Home Use

7 Known Things You Must Read about Best Bread Slicer For Home Use

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What Features Should You Look In Bread Slicer For Home Use?

Like many people out there, we were easily enticed into buying a cheap bread slicer for home use guide. We intended to use this with a bread maker we were given over Xmas. However, we were sorely disappointed with our slicer. To avoid making that mistake again, we did some research and found out what kind of qualities you need to look for in a slicer.

  • Type of Material: The first and foremost thing you will need to consider is what type of material you intend to invest in. The cheapest and most readily available kinds are the plastic models, which is what we initially bought.However, this was a mistake for two very obvious reasons, none of which we had thought about before we had bought it. The first reason is that the entire unit was so flimsy that we were not able to slice a loaf of bread evenly. The particular one we bought had four parts that snapped together to form the slicer, but once we tried to cut any bread, the slots tended to move as soon as we put any pressure on them, which created uneven slices. The entire unit was simply not tough enough to handle the simple task of slicing bread.
  • Durability: Aside from the flimsiness, there was another issue that we never anticipated. Since the model was made out of plastic, there were times when plastic shavings would come off the sides of the unit and go into our bread. Our bread knife is very sharp, but it just went to show what this wasn’t even a durable type of plastic being used with this machine. We would strongly recommend that you avoid plastic slicers altogether, to be honest. They are not strong enough for this type of work, and you will end up with plastic bits in your food! You will also find bamboo slicers available, but from the reviews we have seen, these are almost as weak as the plastic ones. There are some decent wooden slicers out there, so we would recommend that you look for a wooden slicer to avoid the issues as mentioned above.
  • Size: Looking back out our not-so-impressive plastic slicer, there was another issue – the sizing of the slices. This particular slicer only had one size, which was a little too thin for our liking. If we tried slicing using two slots instead, it came out too thick. So we were stuck since we wanted the size in between the two. In hindsight, we should have read about what sizes it made, but we simply assumed it made store bought thickness slices. To avoid running into this problem yourself, you should check out what size slices the bread guide you are interested in makes. Cheaper slicers will only make one thickness, while the more decent ones will do a range of sizes. We learned this the hard way, unfortunately, but at least someone else might benefit from this knowledge!
  • Dimension: The last issue we ran into was that our slicer was not wide enough to accommodate our homemade bread. It could only just fit in standard store-bought loaves, but anything wider would not fit. We ended up trimming some of our home-made loaf simply to fit it in the slicer, which is very wasteful. To avoid this same mistake, you should always check the dimensions of the slicer to make sure it will accommodate whatever size bread you intend to slice. It seems most of the cheap units are made as small as possible to skimp on production costs, so remember to keep an eye out for this.These are some of the tips we think you should take into account before you make a purchase. Hopefully someone out there will benefit from this! Now let’s take a look at some of the top-rated bread slicer for home use you can currently get.

Why Buy A Bread Slicer?

Bread has been one of the staple foods around the world nowadays. Bread is already a mainstay in the American culture in this day and age.

These days, bread slicers are incredibly necessary for a lot of business to for it to stay productive and resourceful. For instance, you’re most likely need a commercial bread slicer or a commercial roll slicer once you run a bakery, restaurant or catering business.

Fortunately, the majority of food business equipment suppliers today carry at least some bread slicer machines. But there are a few factors to consider as well, such as will a less expensive manual bread slicer work for your business? Would it be more cost-effective to purchase an automatic bread slicer? Should you buy new or used?

Well, if you’re going to use a bread slicer only a few times a year, go for a home bread slicer instead. If you’ll just use a bread slicer occasionally, or if you simply don’t have the resources for a more expensive automatic model, choose a commercial bread slicer that’s manual. Most manual slicers are of the tabletop variety, but you can find models that can handle soft to hard bread quite well.

Choose automatic bread slicer for home when you’re using a bread slicer on a daily basis. Choose a model that’s compact and noted for safety. It should also be easy to clean. You may purchase either a tabletop or a floor model.

Buy used bread slicers to save money. In fact, there are used manual and automatic bread slicers available on the market today. Look for suppliers who specialize in refurbishing food equipment and who are willing to back up their products. Many companies that sell refurbished slicers will also repair your existing equipment.

Owning Bread Slicers: The Perks

Bread slicers! Just how can your kitchen tools be completed without it. When it comes to bread slicing, most households are contended with the good old bread knife, like when you have a bread knife, what else is there to need?

However, with the advent of bread slicers comes the desire to have it — especially if you hang out at the kitchen all the time to cook, rather than eat. And of course, bread is a staple. Might as well enjoy eating it while we can. And how do we experience it? Aside from your normal toasted, or creamed or butter and jammed, having a bread slicer will make bread eating far more memorable and enjoyable.

But do you need a bread slicer for home use? Let’s discuss its benefits:

  • Less Mess. When working in the kitchen, one of the most annoying tasks that anyone could encounter is cleaning up. Most of us have encountered how difficult it is to clean the kitchen especially wiping off the breadcrumbs. With a bread slicer, a mess is eliminated like a breeze. You should try it.
  • Another great thing about a bread slicer is that it enables us to achieve uniformity in the slicing of the bread. If you want the picture-perfect cut, or if you’re having a party and want a theme, slicing your bread in even proportions can be achieved through the help of a bread slicer.
  • Fast Slicing. If you own a bread store or at home wherein you are in a hurry to prepare your meal especially during the hectic mornings, the bread slicer will come to your rescue. In just a matter of seconds, you will be able to get your slices of bread, sliced proportionately and without the mess, saving you time to clean up as well.
  • Perfect Shape. Slicing the bread manually will more likely crush or tear the bread apart, giving you a mess to clean up with and with the added waste of bread. With a bread slicer, you’ll have perfectly cut bread without a single crumb coming loose (depends on the quality of the bread slicer of course).
  • How many times have you cut yourself with a knife? Bread slicers won’t. In fact, it is also specially made to avoid accidents and keep your safe from cutting yourself. Also, using knives in the slicing of bread for kids can be quite dangerous. Yes, your children can use the slicer too! It is simple to use. Even bakeries opt for the slicers to be used by the amateur staff or trainees to make work easier more hygienic.

We can find different types of bread slicers nowadays, so you wouldn’t have to worry about where to get it. In fact, you can simply buy them from the local grocery or department store. Bread slicers can be perfect gifts whatever the occasion. You can have many uses of this beautiful slicer. Although bread slicers aren’t really a need and are usually a luxury, it all depends on how well you would love to enjoy your bread. Nonetheless, why not give it a try?

Conveniences And Health Benefits Of Bread Slicers

Using a bread slicer today will enable you to quickly slice the bread that you cook in the oven in no time at all. From the time when the bread slicer was invented in the 1920s, a lot of people around the world already attested that the piece of equipment gives incredible convenience to them along with some excellent health benefits that no other device can do better than.

Primarily, making use of bread slicer every time you bake or buy a loaf of bread in the convenience store will exceptionally provide you some uniform slices out of a loaf of bread with no trouble. Some people these days use a bread slicer not just to get a perfect cut but for sanitary reasons as well.

Yes, that’s true. Using a bread slicer instead of a knife can give you germ-free bread. This way, you can protect your wellbeing while at the same time enjoying your clean, freshly baked bread. On the other hand, bread slicers are also pretty easy to clean. So, make it a habit to clean it right after every use. Here are a few guidelines on how to keep a germ-free bread slicer.

First off, tilt the bread slicer upside down over a garbage can or a wastebasket and shake any loose crumbs out. Then, take out the knife guides–the vertical rails that guide the knife as you cut through the bread–from the bread slicer if possible.

Some bread slicers are made of just one piece, in which case the guides won’t come off. If they do come off, it’s usually just a simple matter of popping them out of the bottom tray.

Wipe the tray of the bread slicer with a damp cloth. Do not use a wet cloth and also do the same thing for the knife guides. Make use of the same cloth to clean around the insert points of the knife guards–if they were removed. Make sure to tip the bread slicer again and shake it, just in case any crumbs were still inside the insert points.

And finally, let the bread slicer dry out in the air until it is completely dried, and then reassemble it. Make sure that the knife guides are firmly attached to the slicer before using it to cut bread again.

When you come right down to it, just as long as you know how to keep your bread slicer clean and hygienic, it will give you an excellent health benefit while you continue to take pleasure in your fresh-out-the-oven bread.

How To Purchase Bread Slicers Online

The fast-paced world we have right now calls for a prompt and convenient service at the same time. Thus, having businesses like bakery, restaurant or catering business, you should consider the purchase of a commercial bread slicer to make your business life more comfortable. These handy tools come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased at a bargain price online.

What’s more, purchasing a break slicer online will save you a lot of time and money which you can still use for other more important things in your life. There are lots of sites on the World Wide Web these days where you can buy a bread slicer.

But before you go and make your initial purchase of bread slicer for home, make sure that the site that you’re going to purchase it with is trustworthy enough. This way, you can avoid fraud that’s rampantly taking place in the World Wide Web in this and age.

There are large credible sites these days that sell bread slicers just like large department stores in the metropolis. If truth be told, the Internet is a great place to find just about any bread slicers you could want. You might come across various online retailers, or you can also prefer to look into auction sites. In so doing, you can come across a variety of bread slicers online, and they are all even surprisingly selling at unbelievably knockdown prices!

Ultimately, you need to do a little research to find the right bread slicer for home. Once you know the best bread machine for you, then you will know where to buy it – online. Primarily, ask yourself questions like how often you plan on baking bread if you need a large machine with lots of cycles, or a smaller machine with fewer cycles.

Primarily, think about the price and the quality as well. Once you have your answers then you will know if you should shop at large credible sites with high-end bread slicers if not, check out some auction sites for more run of the mill bread slicers.

Basically, there is a bread slicer for every budget and every type of home. Hence, figure out, what your budget is in order for you find the best bread slicer for home that’s right for you and for your kitchen.

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