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Best Punching Bag For Home User- Ultimate Buying Guide With Reviews

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Five Best Punching Bag For Home User

6 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy Best Punching Bag For Home User

Punching bags are good for general workout practices. They can be used for kickboxing, taekwondo, boxing, karate or Muay Thai among others. However, each of the above workouts will require a particular kind of a punching bag to go down effectively. You will also need to go for the best choice depending on your expertise, energy, and size. The decision you make will significantly have an impact on your performance. It is only with the best punching bag that you will get to the ultimate goal of your training.

Punching bags offer the user a remarkable workout. They are formulated to give its user the best experience in kicking as well as develop and improve punching skills such as cross punches, uppercuts, jabs, shovel hooks, knee strikes and elbow strikes. All the same, you will need to make a few considerations before making a purchase. The best punching bags are those that will suit your need and you as a trainer. Whether you need it for professional training, home workouts or fun, you have to ensure that you make the right choice. Again, it is important that all punching bags are used for the proper purpose. If it is specifically designed for punching, you do not have to give it kicks. This will have an effect on its durability, and it will not let you achieve what you aimed to get from it. How best you make use of your punching bag will determine the amount of steam that you will blow up and quality of workout that you get.


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7 Known Things You Must Consider Before Buying the Best Punching Bag For Home User

  • Size: The best punching bag is that which you will be able to punch its center with your jab when it is hanging. A bag that you have to push yourself a lot higher or lower may not be comfortable to work with. You can find bags with targets printed on them to help you hit the right spot be it kicks, punches or elbows. Bags higher than 4 ft. are recommended for punching and kicking, with heavier ones under this size suitable for punching only. Heavier bags around 4 ft. are multipurpose and very good for practicing punches and kicks even for beginners. Martial trainers of kickboxing and Muay Thai are advised to go for the biggest bags, 4.5 ft. to 6 ft. because their height allows for low kicks.
  • Weight: The recommended weight of any punching bag is that it should be half your weight. If you weigh 200 lbs., then your punching bag should approximately 100 lbs. This ratio ensures that the bag does not swing too much when you give it some powerful punches and kicks. However, some boxers prefer much lighter bags than half their weight. This is because a lighter bag will swing much more with punches and kicks, imitating your movement more efficiently hence improving your accuracy and flexibility. With the more swings, you will have to move around the bag more to avoid being hit and throw more punches to it. This makes it ideal for a cardio workout. It puts you in a real fight situation. Heavier punching bags are recommended when you need to develop your punching power and general strength.
  • Material: The material used to make a punching bag is a factor not to oversee. Bags made of heavy leather are the best. They are quite expensive but the service and durability they offer the user is overwhelming. If you are a beginner, it is advisable that you start with cheaper alternatives. Make sure you can differentiate between synthetic and real leather. Synthetic leather can be quite convincing, but its durability is wanting. It wears too fast and eventually tears despite its high price. Canvas bags are cheap but do not last long with wear and tear, are hard to clean and wears boxing gloves faster. The best alternative for beginners is heavy duty vinyl. It is durable, its cleaning is easy, excellent user experience and a considerably low price.
  • Shape: The use of your punching bag will determine what shape you go for. A traditionally shaped bag is not the best for throwing crosses and uppercuts. The best option for this kind of punches is the wrecking ball heavy bag, and it works well if training for a martial art. If choosing between the traditionally shaped bag and the wrecking ball becomes challenging, there is an option for a punching dummy. It looks like the human being upper part with a separated head and torso. It allows you to practice kicks and head and body punches, improving your concentration an accuracy.
  • Filler material: When purchasing a punching bag, ensure that it is filled with a material that will offer good resistance and not settle. The best choices are water, fiber, and foam. Sand often settles making the bottom harder than the top, but some people still like it more. Go for your best preference.
  • Hanging or free standing heavy bag: For a heavy hanging bag, make sure it has robust straps that are correctly stitched on to the bag to avoid snapping or becoming lose when hanged. Ways that you can use to hang your heavy bag include hook and chain to the ceiling, hanging it on a durable shelf on your yard or heavy bag stand, and bracket and hanger to the wall. Freestanding bags, on the other hand, are easy to store and do not require installation. However, they are not as stable as hanging bags when it comes to serious training. Choose a punching bag that will suit your space and intensity of training.
  • Safety: Always remember to purchase hand wraps or gloves along with your punching bag. They help protect your wrist and knuckles when you are involved in hard repeated punches.

Five best home punching bag Features & Reviews

For Reviewing, we picked hundreds of punching bag randomly from the market and tested them with our expert team especially we have specialist gym bodybuilder. Also, we picked customer review and rating from a various famous online store. According to our test, this following five best home punching bag that we are picked as they have many great features and follow the protocol listed above.

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand and Speedbag are sold together. The heavy bag stand can hold up to 100lbs. This bundle comes with a pair of quality hand wraps that are allow breathing and are comfortable. The bundle also comes with a pair of gloves that have a padding on the palm grip for maximum stability. The heavy bag is reinforced with webbing and a heavy bag chain that is adjustable. As the name Dual-Station Heavy Bag Stand suggests, it holds both the speed bag and the heavy bag.

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What We Like

  • Convenient to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Both heavy bag and speed bag are long lasting
  • Offers dual purpose
  • The Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand can hold up to 100lbs.

What We Did Not Like

  • The speed bag’s platform is flimsy
  • The swivel of the speed bag is not good

SGODDE Leather Boxing Ball

The way the boxing ball is made is beautiful to the eye and feel. It is double stitched with two layers. The inside layer is of quality textiles while the outer one is PU leather. This feature makes it hard to wear. The double end rubber bladder in it can be pumped up with air easily and deflated for storage purpose. The ball’s diameter is about 7.87 inches, which is a considerable size ideal for its use. The elasticity of the rope is super, allowing for connection of the ball to the ceiling and floor. It allows the ball to move in all directions as you want. It can be used for different types of training including boxing, MMA, fighting and other training of punching. It can be used at both the gym or for home workouts.

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What We Like

  • The ball is well made for absolute resilience and endurance
  • Elasticity feature
  • Moderately sized ball
  • Can be used for many purposes
  • Inflated double end Bladder

What We Did Not Like

  • Total inflation makes the ball too tight
  • Quite costly
  • Pumping up issues

GoECO MN245 Leather Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

This punching ball has a heavy duty suction and a metal spring that make it stick to any flat surface that is smooth. It is held strong enough to stay in place after each hit with a reflex mechanism. It has a hand pump and inflator needle. Anyone even kids can use it. Areas of use are unlimited because it is easy to carry around, be it at home or work. This ball can be used for fun, stress relief or boxing practice.

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What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Good resistance
  • Does not take too much space
  • Fun to work on

What We Did Not Like

  • Cannot be used for serious training
  • It cannot be used to get/kip fit the whole body

Century Aerobic Wavemaster

This punching ball has a heavy duty suction and a metal spring that make it stick to any flat surface that is smooth. It is held strong enough to stay in place after each hit with a reflex mechanism. It has a hand pump and inflator needle. Anyone even kids can use it. Areas of use are unlimited because it is easy to carry around, be it at home or work. This ball can be used for fun, stress relief or boxing practice.

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What We Like

  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It comes in a variety
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Easy assembling

What We Did Not Like

  • Cannot be used for serious training
  • It cannot be used to get/kip fit the whole body

RDX Punching Bag

It comes in a 14 pc set that can be found in both 4 ft. and 5 ft. It allows you to purchase the one that will go well with your height.This set will give you an ultimate MMA training experience. It can be used to train for so many fields, e.g., heading, punching and kickboxing.

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What We Like

  • All pieces are quality
  • Excellent for contact sport training
  • Can be used for different kinds of training
  • It is efficient and effective for martial training
  • Durable

What We Did Not Like

  • Can be too much for a beginner
  • Easy to lose a piece if not careful when assembling
Best Punching Bag For Home User- Ultimate Buying Guide With Reviews 1

Tips for using Home Punching Bag

Find a bag that will fit your training

Go for a bag that will give you resistance equal to the reason you are training in the first place. Heavy bags offer more resistance than lighter bags. These are ideal for martial training like professional boxing because you need thorough exercise. Light bags will swing freely once you hit them. If your training is part of cardio, go for at least 80 lbs. They are quite stable to punch. Always avoid heavy bags that you cannot handle.

Use a stand for your punching bag

Hanging bags may seem more comfortable but can cause too much damage to your ceiling or wall. If you hang an 80 lbs. punching bag to a beam on your roof, chances are that as you work on it, the beam becomes weak and prone to damage. Stands are also useful if you have limited space. Avoid using water stands as well. They are not as reliable as heavy bag stands. They may be costly, but once you invest in one, you might never need another depending on your punching frequency.

If you have to use a hanging bag, ensure that you hang it on a firm anchor, and let it be a room that does not involve too much movement since it will be a distraction.

Protect your hands

Punching bags can cause real damage to your hands if you work on them unprotected. Ensure that you have gloves on before you begin your training. There are reliable and robust leather gloves in the market that will keep your hands protected from sores gained from unprotected punching. The best gloves will cost you quite much, but they will serve you better and longer than the cheap ones will.

If you are a first timer that cannot afford quality punching gloves, hand wraps can also work for you. You only need to spread them well over the knuckles to the first finger.

Get a speed bag where necessary

A speed bag will help your hand-eye coordination. You get spared of knocking from a swinging bag that you had no idea would reach to you.

Get yourself to work

Training with a bag requires you to work constantly. You can time yourself for non-stop punching for about two and a half minutes with your last 30 second engaged in vigorous punching. Give those few seconds your whole. Take a one- minute break before you get in for the next round. This procedure can go up to four rounds then increase your timing for much intense training. It can go up to 8-12 minutes.

Also keep in mind that as much as you want to get the perfect punching skills, you also need to stay in shape and cut the B.S.

Final Verdict

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