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Best Paper Trimmers – 7 Important Criteria You Must Read

Best Paper Trimmers - 7 Important Criteria You Must Read 1

Five Best Paper Trimmers For Home And Office

7 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy Best Paper Trimmers

Paper Trimmers have an impressive role to play in both the current and future of the corporate world as far as its growth and development goes. In corporate offices, in staff room meetings, conference halls, as well as parliamentary sitting and virtually every official place out there, work efficiently with the help of these machines. A good example of a famous trimmer is the guillotine. The objective of this study is to enlighten you about the best trimmers in the game regarding all the vital points of consideration.

Back in the day when you had any intention of sending out a wedding invite to everyone that you thought you knew, it is likely that you would have gone through a hard time trying to cut out the perfect inviting card. However, with the coming of these cutting machines, a wide variety of materials could be cut easily. In the current society, there are many benefits of using them. For instance, if you want to store as much as possible small papers, these machines will execute this task for you seamlessly making your work easier. When it comes to photography, the machines could be for cutting out the right size of a picture. Graphic designers and copy shops can benefit a great deal out of using the same machines in the sense that any size of a paper or any other material that you need can ensure they are out of the machine according to your specific tastes and preferences. The typical man who has no idea of what the machine is or what it does also have something to gain even without realizing it.


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Factors to Consider before buying the best Paper Trimmers in the Industry

Before buying the best paper trimmers in the industry, you need to figure out some facts as a buyer. You need to know which things you need to look for finding out the best one from the market.

According to knownthing authority, Here we list down few buying facts to make it easier for you –


The most crucial tip to think about before selecting any of these offices cutting machines is your safety. It is wise to think about the possible danger that could occur if one of the safety pins in either of the machines goes off. Ideally purchasing a machine without ascertaining the level of reliability as far as safety for you and everyone you go is not only unthoughtful but also wastage. In other words, kindly ensure that the safety of the machine you intend to buy has the assurance of health guarantee. The potential effect that your machine has on the environment is one of the most crucial points to think about before making your choice.

Automatic Capabilities

It is worth noting the fact that there are so many types of paper and other office material cutting creating the impression that you can select from a variety of them some of which may or may not be automatic. Automatic and manual machines play one in the same role, but, the only difference is that automatic ones perform at a slightly faster rate as opposed to the manual one. Other types of slicing machines like photo cutters and arm cutters can pass for an ideal selection of priorities depending on your personal goals.


There are many materials at home and in the office which can all be cut down based on your ideas. It means that if your goal is to break down cardboard parts into small pieces, it is likely that you will go for a rotary cutter as opposed to the paper trimmer. Light and simple office materials like papers can easily pass for the functionality of another machine as long as they offer no level of threat to the user and everything within his or her surroundings. The work that the machine will perform once you already have it is a vital point of consideration.


The role that these machines need to perform matters the most regarding your size of preference. If your work entails cutting big materials into smaller ones, it is obvious that you will need a small cutting machine so that you can be able to move it from one place to the other. On the other hand, if you intend to cut down massive pieces into big ones, it is definite that you will require the services of a bigger cutting machine. Thus, the mobility of your machine matters before you buy it. In other words, it is clear that moving the machines from one place to the other matters on the size of the machine and the raw products such as papers and cardboards.

Working Capacity

The amount of work that you intend to complete with the help of the cutting device is an important tip to think about before going for the final selection. Photo cutters do not perform the same role as paper cutters which goes down to meaning that depending on the type of material that you hope to cut, the specificity of the machine you select matters more than what both of us are willing to admit. Massive raw material requires matching machines as smaller ones may defect and cause unnecessary additional expenses on the progress of the home or office for that matter.

Frequency of usage

There are certain cutting machines whose original purpose is to perform less work but complete large task all at once, unlike others which work frequently but complete small jobs at once. With that in mind, you can be sure that if you need large tasks done within the shortest time possible, you will consider going for those that have low-frequency capabilities. Note that when these machines get overworked to perform the same roles within a short-extended duration, it is likely that you might be running a potential hazard and endangering everyone around you.


The number of expenses that it requires you to complete the whole purchase in cases where you purchase a large scale cutting machine, it is prudent to ask the seller to make an early quotation so that you can have a rough idea of what you are dealing with at that time. On the other hand, if you need a small task done within the shortest time possible, rather than using one of the machines to do the job, you can, instead, spread the risk by getting additional machines. In either of the above cases, you will still need to keep in mind the cost of purchase, transportation as well as installation fees.

Our Selected Best Paper Trimmers For Home and Office

Here is our top five pick for the best paper trimmers. Read our detailed and unbiased guide to choose the suitable one for you.

Marigold Professional Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer

The Marigold paper trimmer is a 12 inches product that can come in handy for many purposes. The item can cut through different sizes of papers such as photos as well as thick cardboard. It has a metallic base plate which increases its durability. The brand also sells 18×15 inches cutter for special purposes.

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What We Like

  • The trimmer can cut numerous sheets of paper at once.
  • Can cut through a variety of sizes of paper
  • We are always safe since a shield provides protection
  • The object has an efficient base plate.
  • The Marigold metal base plate cutter works efficiently for a long time.

What We Did Not Like

  • The clipper is too heavy.
  • We cannot replace when it no longer performs as expected. We need to buy new equipment in case the blade becomes inefficient.

Swingline Paper Trimmer/Cutter

The Marigold paper trimmer is a 12 inches product that can come in handy for many purposes. The item can cut through different sizes of papers such as photos as well as thick cardboard. It has a metallic base plate which increases its durability. The brand also sells 18×15 inches cutter for special purposes.

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What We Like

  • The Swingline provides neat work. The alignment framework and a scale ruler play a major role in keeping the shape and size of papers perfect.
  • The latch hook locks the blade hence reducing the chances of accidents.
  • We keep away from accidents through protection from the shielding rail.
  • The base plate is durable.
  • Not too heavy and easy to move.
  • The Swingline is flexible hence giving me an easy time while putting my papers in shape.

What We Did Not Like

  • The base plate has plastic which makes the equipment vulnerable.
  • We cannot cut more than ten sheets of paper at the at once.

Jielisi 12 Inch Paper Trimmer

Jielisi is a small, sleek product that comes with an automatic security guard. The item is perfect for cutting standard size papers such as photos and thin cardboard. It can stretch and work within angles of up to 90 degrees. It comes in five colors.

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What We Like

  • The device has an automatic precautionary device.
  • The item is lightweight hence portable.
  • The cutter is literary small in size that it can fit in a purse.
  • The clipper is easy to maintain.
  • The tool can achieve an angle of 45-90 degrees while trimming papers.
  • We can cut thin cardboards using the device.
  • The sharp blade assists in attaining straight lines.
  • Convenient for cutting A4 AND A5 papers since it has a perfect cutting length.
  • The blades are replaceable.

What We Did Not Like

  • The machine can only work on standard paper sizes such as thin cardboard, photos, magazine pages among others.
  • I can only use the object to cut 12 sheets of paper at once.
  • The item keeps falling due to its lightweight.

Fiskars 12 Inch SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

The Fiskars is a 12 inches trimmer that results in precise and straight lines. The wire cut line it contains contributes to very neat and clear work. The item is also useful in doing craftwork aside from trimming thin paper sheets.

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What We Like

  • The sharp blades enable cutting of a wide variety of material.
  • The wire cut-line works magic because the papers attain very straight line and perfect edges.
  • The tool is the current paper equipment with the widest base.
  • The tool remains in a good working condition for an extensive period.
  • The tool can achieve an angle of 45-90 degrees while trimming papers.
  • Working with the tool is quick and accurate.
  • If the blades become faulty, replacement is possible.

What We Did Not Like

  • In the case of scoring blades, I have to buy special ones to use together with the Fiskars.
  • The object does not have a millimeter, or centimeter markings hence cannot measure the specific length of a paper

Types Of Paper Trimmers​

There are a wide variety of paper cutters depending on the kind of material that you intend to break down. For large scale services, you will need bigger blades and massive space as compared to regular office guillotine cutters.

Following is an insight of this –

Guillotine Cutters

They are the most frequently used in the 21st century as they can be able to cut into any type of paper as long as it is big. The merit here is that they are automatic and manual all at the same time.

Arm Cutters

They have an immaculate similarity in appearance to the economic paper cutter. In fact, most people usually miss the difference between these two but what is worth noting is that arm cutters can cut a lot of papers at once while the other cannot do the same. They can slice a maximum of fifty pieces of paper depending on the functionality.

Rotary Paper Cutters

One can be able to tell from the sound that in one way or the other, this machine has a round design which cuts down any piece of paper as long as you hold and tilt cutting head in the right manner.

Photo Cutters

The art of photography is no walk in the park. You must ensure that when you shoot, you can capture all the details of the image. The essence of this machine is to give you, as a photographer an ample time during the cutting out section of images. Remember, most of them come with inbuilt lights that give you an inclined view of the image you are cutting.

How To Use Paper Trimmers

They are just like any other machine out there which means before you handle them, there are a couple of demonstrations that you will need to consider perfecting first. How to put your finger, turn the blade and arrange the pieces of material you hope to cut are just a few of the fundamental requirements.

Here are further details –

  • Place it on flat ground to avoid slight accidents as you prepare material to be cut
  • Always check to ascertain the total number of papers that you intend to cut. It is important to either reduce or add the papers according to your preferences and requirements.
  • Hold and direct the machine towards the cutting base as this will give you a good chance of realizing accurately cut papers. Also, take not to insert so many materials than what the machine can be able to handle when things go wrong.
  • You can remove by pulling down the level of the circular blade that you might see when the real work begins. It is prudent to notice the fact that if your machine can run on automatic, you can set the blade to move on its own.
  • Detach the papers from the machine and in turn pull of any unnecessary remains of the previous cuts so that the incoming papers can have no form of interference from the real papers you are reducing
  • Pile up another set of papers and prepare to do the same until you reach your objective
  • It is crucial to avoid any instances that will draw you closer to the cutting blade as predisposing your life, and the health of your body parts like fingers at the mercy of these machines is more or less like pricking a potential predator and expecting it not to respond in an ideal manner
  • In moments that you may not be using the machine, it is wise to store it in the safest manner and place that you possibly can such as turning down the blades when you complete work to avoid probabilities of accidents occurring.

Safety Tips- Everyone Must Read Before Using

You need to understand all the tips that have an association with your preferred best paper trimmers such as whether to turn down the blade to work or store in a dry place.

Below are additional tips –

  • In times that you are not using the machine, it is good to ensure that the safety of the lock is up to the task. There is no ruling out the fact that even though you might be personally safe, you may end up putting the life of another employee or family member by leaving it lying around.
  • Before you begin working on any papers, ascertain that the machine is facing up as well as the papers that you intend to cut since when the face down, they deny the exclusive viewer sight to the real deal.
  • Make use of measuring tools as they can play a very big role in determining the real weight of the number of papers that you place on the machine. Ideally, measuring can help you make an informed decision regarding the type and amount of material that you hope to cut.
  • If it is an automatic machine, press the button with as much minimal effect as possible. The good thing about automatic machines is getting the setting right just as soon as you put it on.
  • Always store away from risks like water, dust and bad falls. Note that this will increase its chances of serving you as long as possible while still maintaining the same condition that it had right from the beginning. The best Paper Trimmers reviews are fast to reveal that children face a higher hazard of getting into workplace accidents as compared to their working parents and older siblings.
  • Keep from the reach of the average kid as the more they draw closer to the cutting blade, the higher their chances of walking away without some of their fingers.


Final Verdict

According to the best paper cutter reviews, this list tops not only the most preferred but also most sought-after cutters in the game regarding all the influential and sensitive tastes and preferences of clients. The objective of this article is to enlighten you about what we like about all paper cutters, what we hate and which is the most appropriate for your needs.

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