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Best Heat Gloves For Kitchen- Make Your Cooking More Enjoyable

Heat Gloves for Cooking

Five heat gloves for cooking

5 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy Best Heat Gloves For Cooking

One of the most important items your kitchen can have is heat gloves for cooking.  If you love to cook, bake, or grill, a pair of heat resistant gloves for cooking will come in handy.  Anything you take out of your oven or off the grill when baking/grilling will be hot, even if the temperature on the oven/grill is set to low.  Having a pair of heat gloves handy is essential so you do not burn your hands.

When it comes to protecting your hands from high temperatures, not any glove is going to cut it. The traditional oven mitt only withstands so much heat before it burns through to the skin.  These oven mitts often get thin over time and are not made to last for years. Ovens, grills, and smokers often use intense temperatures, so using heat proof gloves for cooking will better protect your skin.


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5 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy Best Heat Gloves For Cooking

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a pair of heat gloves for cooking. The best heat resistant gloves for cooking will fit the criteria that you have set in place.

  • Heat-Resistant: Will these heat-resistant gloves be able to withstand the temperatures that you are cooking at? A pair of gloves that has a heat resistance rating of 932 degrees Fahrenheit is very decent. If a pair of gloves has a rating of 480 degrees Fahrenheit or less, they should never be considered as they are not excellent for heat resistance.
  • Affordable: Are these gloves affordable? Are they a decent price? Keep in mind that heat gloves for cooking are made to last longer than standard potholders and oven mitts. If the gloves are made to last, and you have to spend more on them, in the long run, you may be saving yourself money as you will not be buying several sets of potholders each year. Potholders and oven mitts wear out fast from not only the daily use but also from the washing machine when they are washed.
  • Forearm Protection: What kind of forearm protection do the gloves offer? Many only think about what sort of hand protection gloves offer. However, several heat resistant rubber gloves for cooking often offer some slight forearm protection. Many of these gloves have long cuffs that protect the arms or a sleeve that goes over the wrists. Think of how many times you may have accidentally bumped into the side of the grill or oven when flipping food over or taking a pan out of the oven. On the other hand, when a dish splattered, landing on your forearm. Had you used a pair of high-quality heat gloves, your skin would never feel a thing!
  • Durability: How durable are the gloves? Will they withstand years of grilling and cooking? Do they look and feel like they are genuine material? If a pair of heat gloves wear through quickly or do not wash up well, you may wish to skip over those and look at a different pair.
  • Comfort: Do you like how the gloves look and feel? If you do not care for one or the other, there is a good chance that you will not wear them as often as if you did like them. If they are too large, you risk being burned as they could easily slide into the hands. Being too large will also cause a mobility issue, and you will not be able to move around as freely as you could if the heat gloves fit properly. Make sure you are comfortable when they are in the hands as if there is friction it could cause unwanted blisters.
heat gloves for cooking

Top Five Heat Gloves for Cooking

The following are five of the best heat resistant gloves for cooking.  The gloves all have a variety of prices, as well as pros and cons for each.

Grill Amor 932F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

Grill Amor provides heat gloves that are made to last.  The gloves feature a five-finger flex design and silicone super grip.  Their claim to fame is that they will not catch fire while exposed to an open flame, nor will they melt. They are fully insulated with M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID, which is the same as Nomex and Kevlar.  They offer a full money back guarantee.  These gloves are an all in one- use as a potholder, oven mitt, or BBQ glove.  The gloves come in three sizes: standard, ladies small size, and extra-long cuff.  Color choices include red, gray, blue, and black.

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What We Like

  • Easy to clean- just toss them into the washing machine
  • Are comfortable and easy to wear/use
  • Each purchase comes with a free eBook that is full of grilling tips and techniques
  • High heat resistance up to 932-degree Fahrenheit
  • Are EN407 certified oven and grill gloves
  • Come with a lifetime warranty

What We Did Not Like

  • Size of gloves is way off, many men cannot comfortably wear these
  • Do not provide waterproof or steam proof protection

The Pit Glove Insulated Waterproof Gloves

Made with an insulated five finger non-slip design, these insulated gloves are not only waterproof, but also oil and heat resistant.  They have a 14-inch length on the forearm for added protection.  They are easy to put on and take off and are comfortable for most people to wear.  They are FDA compliant with a neoprene rubber coating that offers flexibility.  These gloves claim to be more flexible than silicone gloves.  The gloves are also very easy to clean.  You simply wash them while you are wearing them, then hang up to air dry! These gloves are perfect to use when canning or doing oven cooking.  I appreciate the fact that they withstand high temperatures so they are perfect for cleaning our gas grill each spring after it has set for a long winter.  These gloves really make it possible to get into the tight nooks and crannies that leave a grill very dirty.

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What We Like

  • Will not melt/fire resistant
  • Pro design with 14-inch-long arms
  • Will not stain
  • More flexible than silicone
  • Super easy to clean
  • Allows hands to stay cool and comfortable while wearing, even around extreme heat

What We Did Not Like

  • Gloves were too stiff
  • Gloves were too big for the average hand
  • Gloves made moving food around on the grill a very clumsy task
  • Cannot withstand high heat for a very long time

EkoGrips BBQ Oven Gloves By Jolly Green Products

Carefully reinforced to avoid rips, these heat gloves are FDA approved and BPA free.  They are 100% waterproof and claim to be very easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. They come with a hassle-free lifetime replacement.  The best part is for the replacement you do not need to send the old ones back. They come in three different sizes to ensure that they fit any hand. They provide a 425-degree Fahrenheit heat protection. These gloves are great to use over the campfire, with grills and smokers. My family would have appreciated these gloves last summer when one of our baked potatoes fell into the hot coals while we were camping.  Needless to say, the hot coals won and we were left with our super short one baked potato.

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What We Like

  • Hassle free lifetime replacement
  • Bpa free and FDA approved
  • Very well protected from high heat
  • Easy to clean/ dishwasher safe
  • Made with a non-stick coating

What We Did Not Like

  • Do not have a cloth lining in them

Verde River Gecko Grip Gloves

With a 425-degree Fahrenheit protection, these heat gloves have been tailored to fit hand sizes. Coming in sizes small, medium/large, extra-large, and extra XX large, these gloves have extra nubs on them for great traction grip.  They feature longer cuffs for great protection and are 100% watertight and steam proof.  These gloves make canning, home brewing, and shifting racks in the oven or smoker an easy task. The gloves are durable, come in a variety of colors, and are latex free.

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What We Like

  • Lifetime guarantee or money back policy
  • On site, factory heat tested thickness up to 425 degrees
  • Easy to pick up, turn, or transfer foods with the gloves on
  • 100% watertight and steam proof
  • The company has excellent customer service

What We Did Not Like

  • Difficult to put on and pull off
  • Have a very slippery texture
  • Hard to clean if grease gets on them
  • Gloves get hot very fast

Bruella Heat Resistant Gloves

With a heat protection up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, these Kevlar gloves have a unique extended glove cuff design, being 2.3 inches longer than most heat gloves.  They are perfect for campfires, cooking, baking, grilling, fireplaces, and much more. The versatile heat glove offers a lifetime warranty.  They are manufactured with high elasticity to offer a great fit.  If they are too big, you can simply soak in hot water for five minutes. Squeeze them out and then toss into the dryer to dry, checking every 10 minutes to make sure they have not over shrunk. These gloves offer a 3-layer military style protection, which is the same used for fire fighter’s apparel. These gloves are easy to use and offer flexibility in movement.

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What We Like

  • Protect against sharp objects
  • Have a lifetime warranty
  • Feature a unique extended glove cuff
  • Able to get a better grip on things due to the silicone strips
  • Feature an eye-catching design that is very appealing

What We Did Not Like

  • Often are very big on an individual

Why Heat Gloves Are Essential

Investing in a high-quality pair of heat resistant rubber gloves for cooking will help to protect you or anyone else that is cooking from high heat, temperatures, and other elements. There are many reasons as to why heat gloves are essential to wear.

  • When you are adding pans to your heated oven, you should wear a pair of heat gloves. It is just too easy to accidentally bump into a part of the oven that is scalding hot. This also applies to when you are taking a dish out of the oven.
  • Heat resistant gloves should be worn are when you are adding charcoal or wood to your fire or grill, as a spark could easily fly up from the flames.
  • If you need to change out the charcoal in the middle of a grilling session, heat gloves are essential to wear.
  • It is also wise to wear the heatproof gloves when flipping over anything you are grilling. The grilling tools one often uses are metal, which is a heat conductor. Sometimes times when you are flipping over your food, some of the juices escape. These juices will often run into the grill, causing the flames to go wild. Wearing a pair of high-quality heat gloves will protect the hands and lower arms so no skin is burned.

Types of Gloves

Heat gloves come in many different types, each one made from a different material. Some materials are able to withstand heat better than others.

Leather Gloves For Cooking

Many heat-resistant gloves for cooking are made from leather. For even greater protection from heat, you can purchase two-layer gloves. The first layer is leather, and the second layer is cotton. Leather can withstand some heat; however, heat can still be felt wearing this material. Cookers that have very high temperatures, such as a smoker, may be too hot to use leather gloves.

Woven Fabric Gloves For Cooking

Woven fabric gloves are often made from one of the following materials: Nomex, Kevlar, or Aramid fabrics. Many woven heat gloves will use a combination of those three materials. Aramid fibers will withstand heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit while Nomex fabric is a flame-resistant polymer. These materials are used for military gear and fire/rescue protection. Woven fabric gloves are very flexible, are form fitting, and highly comfortable. Soft cotton liners are often added as an extra means of protection. Woven gloves are not water resistant. This means that if you accidentally leave your gloves outside, and it rains; the gloves will no longer protect against the heat. They are not the best choice if you are cooking foods that are super juicy.

Silicone Gloves For Cooking

Silicone heat gloves feel like rubber gloves, only thicker. This material is washable, waterproof, and many times is dishwasher safe. While this material is very versatile, the gloves have a maximum heat temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that they are unsuitable for open flames, such as campfires. Gloves that are made of silicone often appear to be bulky and do not have the best fit, which makes flexibility very hard.

Tips for Using Your Heat Gloves for Cooking

Heat Gloves for Cooking

Before using any heat resistance gloves for grilling, baking, cooking, canning, and more, it is essential to read all manufacturer’s instructions. It is very important to know what the maximum temperature is to avoid being burned or scalded. Never under any circumstances use a pair of gloves over the recommended temperature.

Taking care of your gloves will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Not all gloves are able to be washed, and there are some gloves that once they get soaked, they lose their heat resistance. Always make sure to put gloves in a safe place after using them, and never use water if they cannot get wet. You will also want to take this into consideration when deciding what the gloves will be used for. There is not any sense in purchasing a pair of gloves that will be ruined if water touches them if you are going to be using them for canning where there is lots of water used in the process.


There are many different kinds of heat gloves on the market today. Heat resistant gloves are useful in many aspects of our daily lives, from baking a pan of brownies to removing lobsters from a pan of boiling water for our supper. These gloves make it easier to flip our steak on the grill or turn over our baked potatoes that have been cooking on the campfire. Some of these gloves can even be used for projects that require a welder! Many gloves are versatile in what they can be used for, such as protecting against high heat, protecting against sharp objects, and helping get a tighter grip on utensils. Others are only known for being able to withstand the heat that is moderate. Taking the time to research the different styles and types of heat gloves for cooking ensures that you, as well as anyone that cooks or grills with you, is well protected against heat, steam, fire, and more. Making an informed decision can help protect you and your loved ones when working with heat and fire.

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