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Best Bleacher Seats – 6 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy

best Bleacher Seats

Five Best Bleacher Seats

6 Known Things You Must Read Before Buy Best Bleacher Seats

If you are in the market for a bleacher seat, you know there are many aspects to think about. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of the best stadium seats that are available for purchase.  In this article, you will learn why stadium seats are essential, and what factors should be considered before purchasing, as well as some useful tips about stadium seats. I will also provide a list of the top five bleacher seats on the market today. Each bleacher seat will fit the criteria laid forth in the article.

If you spend a good deal of time at the ball field, you know as well as I do that the seats are not comfortable at all.  They are hard, cold, and leave many with back aches.  They are often too narrow for anyone to sit on for extended periods of time.  After sitting for long periods of time on the bleachers, some individuals could lose interest in the sport they are watching. Others may be irritable or crabby from being uncomfortable.  With bleacher seats, you can watch the game while being comfortable. The best stadium seats can greatly improve the likelihood that you will enjoy the experience of being at a ball field more.


Best Bleacher Seats Recommended By Editor

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Factors to Consider Buying The Best Bleacher Seats

There are many factors that come into play when selecting the best stadium seats.  Many of these factors will enhance your time spent on the sidelines. The following factors will ensure that you pick the best bleacher seat for yourself.

  • Comfort: One of the biggest requirements many have when picking the best stadium seat is comfort. One should focus on the material and type of padding used. It is one thing to look comfortable, as many stadium seats do look like they would be cozy to curl up in.  Think about the material that is used.  On hot summer days, will you be sticking to the bleacher seat?  Will it get warm when the sun is beating down on it?  On cold fall nights, will the material make your bottom cold? Will the padding stay thick or over time, will it wear down?  These are all important questions to ask yourself when picking the best stadium seats.
  • Durability: The sturdier a bleacher seat is, the long it will likely last. When looking at models of bleacher seats, make sure the materials used are high quality. Do not settle for cheaper made seats as these will not last as long as one that is made from higher-quality materials. Steel frames are the best for keeping the shape of the chair, which will make it last longer. Chairs with a tubular frame will not have any pointed edges. Sharp edges on a chair can cut through the fabric used on bleacher seats, which can make a chair wear down faster.
  • Price: When shopping for a bleacher seat, you will want to set a budget. There are many chairs on the lower end of the spectrum that may lose their comfort factor quite quickly.  It is all a matter of what you are willing to pay for a chair to keep you comfortable.  Other factors will play into the price as well, such as how many features it has.
  • Portability: You will also want to think about how easy your bleacher seat will be to move from place to place.  It may feel light upon first picking it up, but think about how much time you will be carrying it. Do you have to park a long way from the stadium?  Do you have to wait in line to get into the stadium?  Even a pound or two can cause a change when carrying your bleacher seat.
  • How Much Weight They Can Support: One very important factor to consider when purchasing a bleacher chair is how much weight they can support.  If you do not weigh too much, this might not be a concern for you.  However, if you are bigger in size or will be sharing a seat with someone who is larger, you will need to take how much weight each chair can support into consideration.  Never purchase a chair that exceeds your weight limit as this is a surefire way to wear a chair out.
  • Added Features: Some of the best bleacher seats have added features to them.  This may include a cup holder or a side or back pocket to hold a sporting program or other essentials that is needed during a game.  Other stadium seats have heaters in them to keep you warm on chilly days.

Our Selected Best Bleacher Seats

The following seats made the cut for the best bleacher seats as they have many great features and  follow the protocol listed above.

Flash Furniture GrandStand Comfort Seat With Ultra Padded Seat

This adult-sized chair is foldable for easy storage. It comes in a wide variety of colors, such as black, red, purple, and navy. The chair features a canvas seat and back with a carrying handle bar that has a hard plastic grip. The seats are padded with foam that is 3 inches thick. My brother appreciated this last year when he had the best bleacher seats at Fenway. The game there was long and intense, but thankfully my brother has this portable chair to keep him comfortable. The chair holds up to 500 pounds but is lightweight to carry. The size of the seat is 18 inches x 12 inches with a seat height of 4.5 inches. There are rubber strips along the bottom of the seat to prevent sliding once the chair has been set up. If you have a tendency to lean back when you are sitting on a bleacher seat, this seat is for you as it offers excellent support. The frame is very durable and rustproof.

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What We Like

  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Come in many colors
  • Made from fire retardant foam
  • Weigh 7.6 pounds
  • Very easy to open up.

What We Did Not Like

  • Not ideal for short individuals as it can cause the feet to dangle
  • On the bulky side

Ohuhu Stadium Seats Bleacher Seat Chairs

Feel like royalty with this stadium seat designed with 600D Oxford Nylon and bungee cord cushioning. The chair will hold up to 400 pounds. Red, black, and blue are the three-color choices the chair comes in. There is rubber non-slip skids on the bottom to keep the chair in place on the bleachers. The chair measures 14.1 inches by 17.3 inches by 4.3 inches and folds up easily. I appreciate the attached shoulder strap as this leaves hands free to carry another game-day essential. It fits any bleachers and easily fits in the trunk of a vehicle without taking up too much space. This chair would be ideal to leave it the trunk for any occasion.

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What We Like

  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Easy to fold up flat after the game is over

What We Did Not Like

  • Bottom easily came off the seat.
  • The oil the company used to oil the hinges with made the entire chair smell.

Cascade Mountain Tech Portable Folding Stadium Seat

This durable and water resistant chair has a steel frame construction that folds up for easy transporting. There are eight color choices to pick from, such as maroon, orange, purple, and black. The seat measures 17 inches for a regular chair and 20 inches for a wide chair. It will hold up to 250 pounds. The padded seat has bungee reinforcements for maximum comfort. The metal hooks will secure to any metal or wooden benches. It weighs 8.5 pounds for the regular width and 9 pounds for the larger version. I appreciate that it does not wobble when leaning back in the chair like some other stadium seats had a tendency to do.

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What We Like

  • Has a cushioned handle for easy transport
  • Sturdy, strong construction.

What We Did Not Like

  • It only holds up to 250 pounds
  • Corners of the seat have a tendency to poke one’s leg
  • Not as comfortable on the back as it could be.

ONIVA - a Picnic Time brand Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat

This stadium chair features a durable polyester covered padded cushion with a sturdy steel frame. It has a water-resistant underside which is perfect for those rainy-day games outside. The chair reclines to six positions. When in a reclined position, the back does not lean into the person sitting behind you, thus it will not invade their space. The integrated armrests provide maximum comfort with the option to invert them so the width of the chair is 20 inches. Folded flat, the chair measures 32 inches by 20 inches by 2 inches. This chair has a guarantee to last a lifetime. Adjustable backpack shoulder straps make transporting this chair very easy. There is a zippered pocket on the back for storage. It comes in the standard colors of black and navy, but can also be ordered in brighter colors such as lime green. There are a few character selections one can pick from, such as Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader. A few fun selections are available too, such as waves or Coca Cola. My grandpa appreciated this chair I gave him. He had the best bleacher seats at Wrigley. He said the game was more enjoyable, and his old bones did not hurt like they would have if he was just sitting on the hard bleachers.

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What We Like

  • Durability, comfort, and convenience are all rolled into one chair
  • Comes in many colors with the option to have a pattern or characters on it
  • Adjustable backpack straps make it extremely easy to carry
  • Very lightweight to carry
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Padding is firm
  • Has a small zip up pocket.

What We Did Not Like

  • Reclining the chair may be difficult.

Home Complete Portable Bleacher Seat

This wide chair has six reclining positions to offer the sports fan the best comfort. Extra padded back cushions and an anti skid bottom are two great features this seat has. It measures 15 inches long by 15 inches wide with a 15-inch backrest and a 3-inch armrest on each side. No assembly is required with this bleacher chair. The chair fits both wooden and metal benches. My sister-in-law greatly appreciated this chair last year when my nephew was in a baseball tournament. She suffers from arthritis in her shoulders, and said that armrest made the games tolerable to watch.

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What We Like

  • Extra padded cushioning on the seat
  • Optional armrest
  • Easy to carry the backpack style
  • Can be for camping, boating, games and more.

What We Did Not Like

  • Hard to secure to the bleachers as there is not a way to hold it on
  • Is on the large size for some
  • Too much pressure when reclining could break the chair.

Types of Stadium Seats

There are two types of stadium seats, with arms and without arms.
  • Stadium seat with arms: These seats have armrests for added comfort. Some seats have the feature that the arms can be folded down for extra room in the seat. This is a nice feature for individuals who are larger in size.  Some could possibly extend the armrest upwards to a different position so an individual is better accommodated.
  • Stadium seat without arms: These seats do not have any arm rest. These chairs are mainly for individuals who are just interested in having good back support. There will be support bars that allow you to secure the chair to the bench for stability.

Why Stadium Seats Are Essential

There are a few reasons as to why you would consider purchasing a stadium seat.

  • Bleacher seats are hard! Not to mention cold if the stadium is outside. A bleacher seat will eliminate sitting on a hard bench for hours while you watch your games. Your behind will also be warmer, which can help heat up the rest of the body.
  • Bleacher seats are great after one has been tailgating before a game.  Tailgating is an exhausting experience, but well worth it!  Having a bleacher seat to sit in after partying before a game can help make the game more enjoyable.
  • Stadium seats can be used in a variety of places. These chairs are very versatile.  They are perfect for football and basketball games, but can also be taken to swim meets and tennis matches. They are great for summer baseball games, and can even be used for picnics. Many have taken their stadium seats camping with them.  Other have found that they are the perfect chair to take on a trip to the beach. They would be great to place in a canoe for added comfort while paddling down the river. Stadium seats often make nice video gaming seats as many brands allow the seat to be set directly on the ground.

Tips For Stadium Seats

Stadium seats are designed to be more comfortable than just the bleacher seat.  If you are going to purchase a stadium seat, one tip that is often offered is to purchase one that has arms. Arms are great for stadium seats as they can make a person more comfortable. Resting on the armrest can help prevent fatigue in the body.  Fatigue often happens when sitting at games, as the experience can be tiresome.


Before purchasing your stadium seat, you may want to see if the seat has a water-resistant bottom.  If you are at an outdoor field, and it has rained prior to the game, the bleachers could be wet.  Having a water-resistant bottom on your chair will ensure that you will not have to worry about toting around paper towels to clean up water before setting your chair up.

Final Verdict

It is essential to have a high-quality bleacher seat if you spend a great deal of your time at ball games. Even if you are moving around from time to time or jumping up to cheer when a touchdown is scored, it is still nice to have a comfortable place to sit to enjoy the game.  The best bleacher seats will ensure that you have enjoyed the game with the best of your ability without being sore from sitting on hard metal benches.

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